I Will Follow You

"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." Mark 1:17 (NIV)
"Where you go, I'll go
Where you stay, I'll stay
When you move, I'll move
I will follow you
Who you love, I'll love
How you serve I'll serve
If this life I lose, I will follow you
I will follow you"
I will follow-Chris Tomlin

Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 28!

I am staying caught up this week!

It's been a super awesome week. Tuesday, my small group went out to Nadia's Cakes and I got a cannoli which was super delicious. 

Wednesday at internship, for me it was a not so busy day. I did get to play with this cutie, Leora, for maybe an hour. Did some office work too. Then went on to small group and service. Hard to believe that we only have four days of internship left. 

On Thursday I was able to go to a thrift store and found some great deals of clothings items that will be very useful on our Boundary Water's trip next month. I was very blessed to find items that I needed for a very decent price. Gotta love thrift store shopping! Though I still have several items to get to be ready. Hopefully can get those next week. We will see :) Have to get them soon though. BW is only a few weeks away! Also, on Thursday, we had some time in the morning to learn how to set up a tent (as shown in the picture, I'm on the left in the blue) and tie some knots and make a tarp shelter. This was to be our only instruction on these things. In a couple weeks we will be having what is known as the Kairos Games.
For two days we will be having a competition to have some fun and to start preparing for BW. We will take our loaded packs and hike around a lake, set up camp, take down camp. The next day is ending with our second 5K. The team that does everything the fastest (accumulated times) gets $10 giftcards (each) to use for anything you might need or for snacks for BW. I'm pretty excited for the next few weeks...actually, the next several months. Though it also means that Kairos is drawing to a close. 

Today, Friday, we got to go to the other internship church (half of us intern at Woodridge, where I go, and the other half go to the Mills). So we went to the Mills and did a lot of outdoor work. Most
of us split wood using a fancy wood splitter that made it look like you were peeling a cheese stick. Such a good arm work out. Lifting lots of heavy logs for two hours. I had alot of fun though. And I learned a very handy fact about a Columbia jacket I bought at the thrift store. It is not water proof. Good to know! I'll have to water proof it before BW! Haha! But yeah, I really enjoyed the work today.

This week in class we had the founder of Reign Ministries come down and teach on World Religions. We just brushed the surface of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Mormonism. Learned alot. Especially today. We watched two videos on Mormonism that made it very clear what they are about. Craziest fact I learned? That Islam is closer to Christianity than Mormonism is. But it's true. And if you want to know more, well, ask me. but also watch this video. It's pretty funny too. Just a general overview of what a Mormon believes in, but it's what they don't tell you when they come to the door.

But yeah, I have really enjoyed this week. Thank you all for being such great supporters! Love you all!

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